About Us

Welcome to Hi-ConvertingSite, where we’re more than just beginners in the world of WordPress website development. We’re enthusiastic and committed to creating digital experiences that stand out. Let us introduce ourselves:

Our Journey:

As beginners in the realm of WordPress website development, we embrace each project with eagerness and fresh perspectives. Every website we craft is a canvas for our creativity, driven by our passion for innovation.

Expertise in Wireframing and Figma:

We understand the importance of structure and design. That’s why we’re well-versed in the art of wireframing, laying the foundation for visually captivating websites. Our proficiency in Figma ensures that your website isn’t just functional but also a visual masterpiece.

The Power of CRM:

In today’s digital landscape, customer relationships are paramount. We’ve harnessed the capabilities of CRM, empowering us to provide personalized and seamless experiences to our clients. We’re not just website developers; we’re relationship builders.


Website Development

At Hi-ConvertingSite, we’re more than just skilled professionals; we’re passionate about WordPress. We specialize in crafting websites that not only meet your expectations but exceed them, websites that are not only visually stunning but also highly functional. Our knowledge of WordPress website development is the cornerstone of our service.

Landing Page Designer

Landing pages are the digital handshakes of the online world. We understand the significance of this initial interaction, and that’s why we invest our creativity and expertise into every pixel. Your landing page will be optimized to convert visitors into customers.

With Hi-ConvertingSite, you’re not just getting a service; you’re joining us on an exciting journey of growth and innovation. Let’s collaborate and create digital excellence together!

Why Choose Us


Up-to-Date Expertise

Choose us for our up-to-date expertise. We stay ahead of the curve to deliver cutting-edge solutions for your digital success.


Collaborative Approach

I see our partnership as a collaborative journey. Your insights combined with my expertise create a winning formula.


Results That Speak

The satisfaction of seeing businesses thrive through my work is my ultimate reward.

Our Team of Experts

At Hi-Converting Site, I, Mariel Flores, am the driving force overseeing the development process.

But success doesn’t come from a single pair of hands. Our team consists of diverse talents, each with a unique role.

Together, we’re a dynamic ensemble, each playing a pivotal role in making your projects shine. We’re more than a team; we’re a collaborative force for digital excellence.