Privacy Policy

At, we care about your privacy online. So we strictly observe the following Privacy Policy:

1. We don’t require personal information from our visitors, users or buyers unless it is crucial for this website to serve these people properly. (We don’t believe in requiring you stuff like gender or income bracket for no obvious reasons).

2. If we do need and ask for your personal information, we never share them with anyone else. Their sole usage is for this website to comply with existing relevant laws, improve our products and service, and protect our rights, too.

3. We don’t store or keep personal information of visitors, users or buyers on our servers. We will only do so if this website’s operation and its service require it.

4. Our products are blogged about so visitors, users and buyers are allowed some easy, limited control of what we show to the public and what we show on search engines. What we keep private and what we permanently delete is our business alone.

5. For questions about correcting or deleting personal information or data, feel free to contact our support team.

6. On non-personal data collection, Hi-Converting Site gathers non-personal identifying information (NPII) just like other servers and web browsers do. Examples of non-personal data are language preference, browser type, time and date of visitor request, referring site, and the like. This is so our website can better understand how users, visitors and buyers enjoy the site and its service. Periodically,
Hi-Converting Site may release NPII in the aggregate, like publishing reports on trends of how the website is used.

Hi-Converting Site also gathers potential personal-identifying data from logged in users and those who leave comments. We often gather their Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

8. On collecting personal-identifying data,
Hi-Converting Site does this to meaningfully interact with its users, visitors or buyers. So, when users choose to interact with the site, the site collects their personal information according to the nature of the interaction chosen by the users. This happens, for instance, when a user decides to sign up with our subscription or site membership. We would require them to give us a username and password.

9. For buyers on the site, the website would require additional information such as personal data plus some financial or bank information for processing transactions like product delivery and payment. Hence,
Hi-Converting Site will collect said information to accomplish its service to buyers.

10. Rest assured, however, that
Hi-Converting Site will keep your personal and financial information safe and will not be disclosed to anyone. Anyway, we shall never force anyone to give us personal or financial information. But if they opt not to give us said information, it comes with a caveat that it will affect how they use the website, especially in accessing more information or service or buying our products.

11. The site may release cookies to enable it to serve visitors better and give them a good experience on our website.

12. This privacy policy may be changed, edited or updated anytime without prior notice. So, we expect users, visitors and buyers to always refer to these policies before using our website for any purpose.

We recommend that you read our Terms and Conditions, Returns and Refund Policy, and any other terms prior to using our websites, products, or services. If we change this notice we will post the changes on this page, and may place notices on other pages of the website.